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What’s the Difference between a Driver and a Chauffeur?

While a lot of people may see them as the same, drivers and chauffeurs have some distinct differences! From the way that they’re presented to the services they provide, there’s a contrast in what you can receive depending on the company you use for your transportation services. Our chauffeur services go above and beyond what you’d expect from a standard driver, and the differences below show some of the advantages you’ll receive.

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1. What They Cover

If you book a taxi, you’ll get the next available driver who will take you from Point A to Point B. Aside from chitchat about your day, you won’t get a lot else. However, when you book a chauffeur, you receive a complete, high-quality service from start to finish.

A chauffeur provides more than just a journey from A to B. They provide comfort, quality, relaxation, and peace of mind. In a chauffeur-driven vehicle, you have the space and comfort you need to get in the right frame of mind for whatever awaits you on the other end. You might need to prepare for a business meeting, virtually check-in to your flight, or call ahead to confirm reservations. All of these hypothetical situations can be easily managed from your comfy seat in your chauffeur-driven vehicle.

2. How They Operate

When you book a chauffeur, you’re not just choosing a company to take you between your origin and your destination. You’re choosing an impeccable, highly trained, and punctual professional to give you the most comfortable, relaxing journey possible.

Compared to a taxi, Uber, or Lyft, a chauffeur offers a complete package. With services that suit you and lots of variables for you to choose from, your chauffeur-driven journey is sure to be the perfect preparation for wherever you’re going. Every chauffeur has a desire to exceed your expectations and a passion for their work. You can experience this by booking in with our team for your next journey!

3. Their Attitude to the Job

The attitude offered by a chauffeur and a driver is often completely different. A driver is typically more laid back. They offer informal conversation, provide punctual services, and get you from Point A to Point B. With a chauffeur, you get a much more tailored service.

They can stay silent or offer conversation when prompted, the car and driver will be immaculate, and nothing is too much trouble. A chauffeur goes above and beyond for you and your journey, ensuring that as well as being on time, you’re also in the best possible state for your appointment, function, or connection.

Many chauffeurs choose to undertake additional training and qualifications. This extra knowledge means that they can provide services that go beyond what most would expect.

4. A Professional Outlook

Compared to standard drivers, a chauffeur will generally look more professional. Their clothing, presentation, and overall appearance will be that of someone high-class. Usually, this includes, as a minimum, a shirt and tie with matching trousers and shoes. Suits are often seen, but this depends on the company and any requests from the passengers. A driver usually has more relaxed standards, with a semi-professional appearance usually preferred.

If you’re heading to a business meeting or formal function, the choice between a professional chauffeur and a driver is clear. You need to give the best impression with every aspect of your appearance, and this extends to your mode of transport.

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